Popping My Blog Cherry

Hey there!
My name is Cyanne. I’ve always wanted to start a blog but I never really knew what to do or how to start it. Like, what do I do on here? Write my feelings and how my life is? I mean, who would want to read that? Who would honestly look up my blog to see what happened on that day? I think……. no one.

I don’t have every day to type long ass paragraphs on my life, but why not try.

Lets get down to business, I have been alive 18 years and how ever many months. You may think, “Shes only 18? She probably doesn’t have that much to even share.” 

You know what? You’re wrong

I grew up thinking everything was okay in my life, then I moved in with my aunt and I finally I saw things for how they really were. My dad was an alcoholic and my mom was a drug addict. I thought it was normal to not live with your parents, to not hear from your dad for years at a time. My mom somehow gained custody of me (while still doing drugs) and I started middle school in Arlington, WA. I was bullied all the time (stereo-typical school drama) and grew up to be bullied in high school. There’s too much about my shitty past to type out, so I’ll just stop here.

Hope you have a good night or day!



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