Loss of friendship

Recently, I have gained a friend.

Recently, I have lost a friend.

Thing is, friends come and go out of your life all the time. I should be use to it by now because I lost almost all my friends from high school, but this one was different. You were one of the closest people to me. I want nothing more from you than to be your best friend.
It hurts so bad losing people… even if its temporary.
The one I lost forever was my uncle. He passed away around 3 months ago. You know how people have a step-dad that becomes a father to them? That was my uncle. He was my dad, my protector and my supporter. I miss him every single day.
I use to be okay with people jumping in and out of my life, but after one left for good, I’m not as resilient anymore.

I haven’t really spoke aloud what I feel when I think off my uncle because I don’t want it to be real. I know it is but I don’t want to fully admit it. Its hard waking up every morning and walking past the chair he use to sit in every day.

I’m sorry, I cant finish this.

Love you all…
Good night or good morning,


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