My love and incite on LDRs

Hey guys,
Yes, I am still alive. Actually I feel more alive than I have in a long time.
Just an update for anyone who actually reads, I currently have a job and a loving, amazing boyfriend. Things have been rocky with my family, but for the most part, I’m hanging in there.
Things  can get difficult at times, but he’s 110% worth the struggle (literally almost no struggle though 😂).
Here is a little insight on an LDR (long distance relationship) for you.
We have a 3 hour time distance and I work a lot. When I close for work, it is around 1am for him. Keep in mind, he has his own shit to do. He stays up till around 4am talking to me almost every night. I don’t ask him to, he just does it. We also video chat A LOT. I mean, how could you not go without seeing your significant other? I personally would die inside if I couldn’t see him or talk to him for a whole day.
That’s the sweet and cute side of things.
Being in an LDR takes patience and acceptance. It also takes a SHIT TON of trust. If you don’t think you can trust someone, then you shouldn’t even consider being in an LDR with them. We have normal couple disagreements, like every relationship does, but when I get mad or he does, its not like we can just drive to each-other and apologize. If he were to turn off his phone or visa-versa, that would be it. No talking, no apologizing and no making up until our line of communication is brought back. That’s where the acceptance comes in. You own up to your mistakes real quick when in an LDR because if you don’t, that could be it.
Let us branch out about the trust part of an LDR. If you lie, there’s no for-sure way that they can tell your lying. Your significant other could cheat or do something you don’t like, they can hide it from you with no problem. HONESTY AND TRUST ARE KEY. I tell my boyfriend when I plan on doing something he might not fully like me doing because its something he would just know if he was here, I tell him when I’m hanging out with friends because again, he would know if he was here. I tell him everything, not because I have to, but because I want this relationship to work. I tell him everything because I’m so madly in love with him you guys. You have no idea how much he has helped me.

I’m currently not on my medicine anymore because he makes me so unbelievably happy. He tells me I’m beautiful every single chance he gets and its helped with my confidence so fucking much. I use to not be able to go anywhere without  makeup on and my hair done, but now I love who I am. He made me love who I am  as a person because he gave me so much love.

Olive juice so much baby.
I do love my boyfriend, and I honestly wouldnt trade him for someone who lived next door. ‘Why’, you might ask, because he is my one.
Good night or good morning lovelies.


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